Wednesday, May 21, 2008

New & Out of Stock Scents Coming Soon

The rains finally moved on leaving us with beautiful weather for the past few days. So much nicer to be out doing chores and taking care of errands and deliveries.

Received a new fragrance recently....Pomegranate. Has a nice crisp blend of both green and floral notes. Am anxious to see how well the scent holds in the soap. If all goes well, you will be seeing that in the soap store soon.

The new store settings have been working well. Not one glitch so far. As some of you know all too well, a vast improvement on the old one which pretty well had a mind of it's own & hijacked the site. Sure appreciate all the patience and understanding from everyone.

For those of you waiting.....Almond Oatmeal & Castile should be back on the shelves in a couple of weeks, along with a couple of new scents to try.

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