Thursday, May 22, 2008

Milk Sales

Calls from people wanting goat milk are up this year, and I see that a lot of folks are finding my website with their searches for goat milk. A large part of my milk sales have generally been because there is a baby who can't tolerate any formulas, a family member who is lactose intolerant, or someone dealing with something like Crohn’s. The customers who buy it for a healthier alternative have been in the minority.

Something has definitely changed from the time I dried up the milkers last winter, till there was excess milk to sell again this spring. Had several new names on the waiting list before kidding started in February, not because there was a baby in crisis; but wanting a source of healthier milk for their family.

It would seem the corporations are not approving of this awareness and people looking for other sources other than what is sitting on the grocery shelves. Just a few weeks ago, Monsanto (who produces synthetic hormones for the agriculture industry) introduced a bill in Missouri and several other states, that would prohibit producers to be able to label or advertise their milk as hormone free. It is my understanding that in Missouri, this bill died in committee due to the controversy and consumer opposition. It is uncertain, if this bill will be reintroduced at the next session; but I would bet Monsanto won’t give up easily.

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