Thursday, June 24, 2010

How we handle our milk-

Udder is washed & dried

Milker is placed on goat

Any hand milking is done in a stainless steel pail

Every 3 or 4 goats, milk is taken from the portable milker & poured into stainless steel totes. 
Then kept in a cooler with ice bath while rest of the goats are milked.
Temperture of a goat averages 102°.  The milk is already at 60°-64°
when milking is finished.
Milk is strain immediately into glass jars.

Placed in our 3 door cooler -

Stored in glass jars until needed.


Anonymous said...

We do the same when we were milking goats except for the milking machine.


I'll Pour said...

Thanks for sharing this. It has been a long time since my milking days. Actually we watched and grandpa and Uncle Bud did the work. LOL DAwn