Monday, November 16, 2009

Soap & The Flu

hand washing with soap
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The flu season always brings in requests for me to make an antibacterial soap.  Neither my soap or the commercial antibacterial detergents will kill flu virus’.  However, a good hand washing with either product will lift and carry them down the drain.

The antibacterial detergents will kill bacterial germs-but at what price?   It’s ironic that since these products have been on the market there has also been an ever increasing rise of asthma, allergies, and chronic infections in our children.  We are also seeing more & more adults being diagnosed with a sudden onset of these same illness’. 

Research has found that using the antibacterial products are not more effective in preventing infections than if you used regular soap and water (read more here).

There are safer and less expensive means of keeping you and your household clean without harming your health.  You can find several ways to do this here & also here.

As the proverb states, there is nothing new under the sun and even this topic has been around for awhile. Read this reprint of a 1936 article on using soap.


Tonia said...

I quit using antibacterial anything a long time ago!! Regular soap with out the antibacterial anything does the job!
Eucalyptus, Tea tree and Lavender kills germs though...

Jennifer said...

This is what they told us year ago when I took my CNA class. This was about the time they came out with the Purell hand sanitizer. Our CNA instructor told us it did not replace good old hand washing with plain soap and water.

Hidden Brook Farm said...

I go thru a lot of just bleach, vinegar, & ammonia around here for housecleaning. I still pick up 2 or 3 commercial things that I like to Pinesol; but it sure lasts a long long time now.

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