Saturday, April 25, 2009

Tempus fugit / time flees.

Kidding season started this year on Valentine’s Day; with twin doelings and now the calendar tells me April will soon be gone. How does it slip by so fast?

By design, kidding season was kept at a minimum. Only five of the dairy goats were picked to freshen this year, they were some of my older & heavier producing girls. They gave us 11 kids two were boys, and at this point in their lactation, giving a total of 6 gallons of milk a day. Most of my boer girls kidded, twins & a set of triplets in that group. Most of the girls gave twins, with a few triplet biths,didn't have any singles this year-bit of an oddity.

In the wee hours one day in February, managed to split my head open, required a trip to the emergency room & 6 stitches, My Aussie Sheppard, Sheila, wouldn’t let me sit down-which was all I wanted to do when it happened. She literally herded me back to the house and lay nearby as my daughter calmly took care of me.

March kept me buys with more kidding and just trying to keep on top of thing around here and getting the garden started. April has allowed me to get some new product going for the store and still left wondering….how does it slip by so fast?


Anonymous said...

Not sure how time flies by so quickly sometimes Lacey!

Mary Humphrey said...

Lacey, wish I knew the answer to that one too. Make sure you stop by and tell me if you figure it all out, how time passes so quickly. It sounds like you have a great kidding season!

Anonymous said...

Sorry about your head but that's a good dog;)

Hidden Brook Farm said...

Thought with doing minimum milking, would have lots more time...yeah right, I'm just filling it up with something else I guess-lol.

Mama-I don't know what I did before I had that dog, she saves me so many steps & thinks ahead of me at times getting little things done before I can tell her. That's not the first time she has taken care of me either.